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Our Core Services

Whether you need a Construction Manager, General Contractor, or Design/Build partner, we are fully capable of providing any delivery method required by an owner. 

No matter the delivery method, we always operate within our Collaborative Team Approach, which ensures that we leverage the talents of all team members in order to create what is truly the best final product.

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LRC Construction’s philosophy is to master the Art of Detail for clients’ business by creating a culture of excellence – one that relentlessly focuses on the details throughout every aspect of our client projects. In execution, this means that LRC establishes a true partnership with each of our clients, providing open communication and transparency through each milestone and decision point within the construction process.

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LRC Construction, LLC is one of the leading general contracting firms in the tri-state area, with an extensive project portfolio exceeding $4 billion, and consisting of a balance of local institutions and national clients. LRC develops partnerships directly with client teams with the end objective of delivering safe, state-of-the-art, cost-efficient projects on-schedule and within budget – and exceeding client expectations.

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LRC Construction, LLC partners directly
with clients to deliver a project that meets or exceeds their objectives. Beginning at the pre-construction stage, LRC will define and manage all aspects of the project, including estimation, budgeting, project planning, scheduling and execution.

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LRC Construction's Design-Build expertise presents clients with a turn-key construction solution targeting superior results. LRC has cultivated a team of multidisciplinary experts with the objective of offering a single-resource to manage each construction project from concept to completion, through a single team and contract.

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LRC utilizes their own professional team to evaluate your property in order to confirm the potential eligibility of the property to be accept into the BCP.  If we believe the site is eligible, we will oversee the clean-up process and coordinate all direct communication received from the client's representatives.  Each member of our team has the considerable experience with the BCP process necessary to achieve the goal of maximizing the benefit of the program while maintaining an efficient operation.

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